Health Care Is Changing

Prevailing wage contractors have the option to pay for health insurance for their employees with fringe dollars. But how much fringe money can be used? And what about the employer-mandate? Let’s be honest; you can hardly get through your day without hearing something new about the Affordable Care Act, aka. ObamaCare. With the ever-changing health care environment, it's important that employers with unique circumstances stay informed about their specific requirements and compliance options - and if you're working in prevailing wage, you are no exception. As Certified Health Care Reform Specialists focused on prevailing wage contracting, we are here to help you successfully navigate ObamaCare.

Get Healthier

Find the best health insurance plan (Exchange, ERISA Trust, Direct-to-Carrier) for your crews' needs.

Lower Job Costs

Use the mandatory fringe payment to reduce payroll tax burdens, lowering your job costs.

Be More Competitive

Make health insurance benefits a part of your employee benefits strategy.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"CPW's customer service is second-to-none - fast, resourceful and responsible. They not only provide their extensive knowledge of prevailing wage law, they also work with me on the administration side."
- Lisa Hernandez, Rock Electric

Let us Show You How we Can Help

With Obamacare, health insurance is already mandatory - why not use it to your advantage and get your fringe off payroll? Health insurance benefits can help your prevailing wage business grow - let our employee benefit consultants show you how!

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Highlights of our Health Plans

Helping prevailing wage and SCA contractors get the right health insurance plan for their company means finding the right plan to meet their needs! We work with all major health insurance providers, as well as contractor-specific health trusts, to find the best options for your employees - including carve-outs where desired and permissible. Which is a fancy way of saying we can help you!
Direct-to-Carrier Insurers
We can help you find health insurance plans with all major insurance carriers. You get all the savings you can get from reducing your payroll taxes and workman's compensation costs, with the added security of well-known names providing your employees' health insurance. These are just some of the health insurance carriers that we work with regularly. Don't see your carrier? Don't worry. There are too many to list below!
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Blue Cross
  • HealthNet
  • Aetna
Contractor Health Trusts
Specifically designed for prevailing wage contractors, especially those who use Hour Banks to fund their employee health benefits, an ERISA Contractor Trust can offer you advantages over a direct-to-carrier policy. Some of the Contractor Health Trusts we work with include:
  • ABC Health Trust
  • Contractors Plan
  • NAPWC Health Trust
State & Federal Exchanges
Whether you're considering moving to a state exchange, or the federal exchange, we can help you navigate the process and find the right employee benefit plan for your people. These are the most common exchanges we work with:
  • Federal Health Insurance Exchange
  • Covered California

We're Here For You!

Providing health insurance doesn't have to just be about compliance - it can be integral to your successful prevailing wage fringe benefit strategy. We are committed to helping prevailing wage contractors get the most benefit from their mandatory fringe contributions. Contact us and let us show you how!

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Your Service Partner Committed To Your Health Care Benefits

Helping you find the right health insurance plan is only the beginning of our service commitment to you. We will work with your team to insure that your health insurance benefits are being properly installed and credited for prevailing wage. Why? Because a great customer experience is what we're all about... Which is a fancy way of saying it feels good to help people.

Customer Service

Enrollment meetings. Adds & Terms processing. Our job is to make your job easier.

Accounting Integration

Helping integrate Prevailing Wage benefits into existing accounting systems for proper crediting.

Payroll Support

Working with your internal or external teams to insure your payroll reporting is set-up correctly.

We're Here To Help

We are committed to delivering a great health insurance experience. Let us show you how!

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Health Insurance Benefits are just one of the ways we help Prevailing Wage and SCA Contractors save money and be more competitive. We offer supplemental unemployment benefits, pension & retirement plans, vacation/holiday plans - all with the goal of getting your fringe off payroll. And, of course, we also offer our consulting services that help contractors stay in compliance and keep out of trouble. Contact us (or have us contact you!) We want to help you pick the best prevailing wage fringe benefits strategy for your company. Your health will be glad you did!

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We Really Can Help

There are many ways we can help your business succeed with prevailing wage - let us show you how. You'll be glad you did!

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