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California Prevailing Wage

What is the Office of Policy, Research & Legislation?

The division of California’s Department of Industrial Relations which is in charge of publishing CA prevailing wage determinations for journeyman & apprentice wages is called the Office of Policy, Research & Legislation (OPRL), formerly the Division of Labor Statistics and Research (DLSR).

Does California’s EDD have postings on Supplemental Unemployment Benefits?

California EDD has a posting on Total Partial Unemployment titled, TPU 460.62. This posting details the perspective of the EDD on Supplemental Unemployment Benefits.

Does California define Supplemental Unemployment Benefits as Wages?

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits are specifically addressed in the California labor code section 1265, “Notwithstanding any other provisions of this division, payments to an individual under a (supplemental unemployment benefits) plan or system established by an employer which makes provisions for his employees generally, or for a class or group of employees, for the purpose of supplementing unemployment compensation benefits shall not be construed to be wages or compensation for personal services under this division and benefits payable under this division shall not be denied or reduced because of the receipt of payments under such arrangements or plans.”

Are Apprenticeship Rates for Northern CA Prevailing Wage Projects the same as those for Southern CA Prevailing Wage Projects?

Apprenticeship rates vary by trade and county. Training rates in Northern California may be more or less than training rates in Southern California. To ensure that you are paying the appropriate training rates on your prevailing wage job, follow the wage decision that is applicable to the project you are on.

Are Northern California Prevailing Wage Rates the same as Southern California Prevailing Wage Rates?

Northern and Southern California Prevailing Wage rates are NOT the same. The California DIR website breaks wage decisions down by the following 5 categories:

· Statewide decisions which include various trades that have the same rates throughout the state

· Northern California decisions that only apply to the counties called out on the wage decision

· Southern California decisions that only apply to the counties called out on the wage decision

· San Diego decisions that only apply in San Diego County

· County Decisions that include specialty sub trades in an excel format

Can I view the current Davis Bacon Wage Rates for California online?

Yes, you can. If you’re working a Davis-Bacon job in the state of California, you can find the most current California Davis-Bacon rates here. REMEMBER, the contracting agency is required to provide you with the appropriate Davis-Bacon wage determination – meaning that the one online may not be the one you should be using! If you do have that, and want to look it up, you can go to the Federal Government’s Wage Determinations OnLine website.

And, of course, don’t forget that CA has it’s own Prevailing Wage laws and rates – so be sure it’s a federal davis-bacon project.

Where can I get help doing my California Certified Payroll Report?

Certified Payroll Reports can be very confusing. Our consultants would be happy to provide assistance in completing your California Certified Payroll Report!

What is the Division of Apprenticeship?

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards is the division of the California Department of Industrial Relations which is responsible for administering California’s apprenticeship law.  The Division of Apprenticeships Standards also enforces the standards for wages, hours and working conditions for apprentices in apprenticeable crafts or trades and also publishes wage determinations for apprentice wages.

What are California’s threshold requirements for a public works project?

At the time, prevailing wages must be paid to all employees of a public works project when the public works project is over $1,000.  Exclusions include when the awarding body elects to initiate and enforce a labor compliance program, which is subject to approval by the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations. In such cases, prevailing wages are not required to be paid for any public works project of $25,000 or less when the project is for construction work, or for any public works project of $15,000 or less when the project is for alteration, demolition, repair, or maintenance work.

How does California’s prevailing wage define overtime?

In California, overtime is defined as: Any and all time spent working that is in excess of eight hours per day and 40 hours in any one week for most trades.  Some trades require overtime to be paid in excess of 7 hours.  In addition, each trade will identify how many hours can be paid at the Saturday overtime rate and how many hours must be paid at the Sunday / Holiday rate.  For more specific overtime requirements, please consult the California prevailing wage determinations specifically as overtime requirements differ by craft or trade.

What does it mean when there are double asterisks (**) after the expiration date of a California prevailing wage determination?

Double asterisks after the expiration date of California prevailing wage determinations indicate that the hourly, overtime, fringe, and holiday pay rates for work performed after the expiration date have been predetermined. If a CA public works project is extended past the documented expiration date, the contractor should integrate the new rates into their bids.

What does it mean when there is a single asterisk (*) after the expiration date of a prevailing wage determination?

A single asterisk following the expiration date on a prevailing wage determination means that the prevailing wage determination in effect for bidding the project shall remain in effect for the life of the project.

What is a coverage determination?

When California’s awarding body, a contractor, employee, union or labor-management compliance organization or any other interested faction calls for a written determination by the director of the Department of Industrial Relations about a particular construction project or type of work to be performed, it’s called a coverage determination.

What is a special prevailing wage determination?

When a general CA prevailing wage determination doesn’t cover a particular craft, a special prevailing wage determination request may be submitted to the Department of Industrial Relations. Special prevailing wage determination requests must be made at least 45 days prior to the bid advertisement date.

Does the publishing of a new wage decision affect my bid?

For bidding purposes, generally-speaking, contractors should rely upon the bid advertisement date in order to determine what wage rates will be used for the job they are bidding.

What is the effective date for California prevailing wage determinations?

10 days after the issue date of the prevailing wage determination by the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations.

What is an issue date for California Prevailing Wage?

The issue date is the date upon which copies of the prevailing wage determination are deposited in the mail by the Director or California’s Department of Industrial Relations.

How often does California publish general prevailing wage determinations?

Twice a year, general California prevailing wage determinations are released.

Is the method for determining California’s Prevailing Wage rate the same as the Federal Government?

The California Department of Industrial Relations establishes the prevailing wage rate, derived from the hourly rate paid on public works projects to the  majority of a particular craft’s, workforce who are located within the locality or nearest labor market area. If there is no single rate paid to a majority, then the single or modal rate being paid to the greater number of workers prevails.

What is the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement?

The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) is the auditing and enforcement organization that ensures compliance with California’s prevailing wage regulations.

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