Take a Vacation, Lower Your Job Costs

If you're doing prevailing wage and have extremely high fringes, then a vacation and holiday benefit plan could be perfect for your business! Not only are vacation and holiday plans easy to explain to your employees AND easy to administer, they can be paired with other employee benefits to get your Davis-Bacon fringe benefits dollars (not to mention California prevailing wage fringe and that of the other Little Davis-Bacon's) off of payroll. Let our consultants show you how a vacation and holiday plan can help your employees while making your business more profitable!

Popular with Staff

Everyone loves a vacation and holiday plan, and your employees are no exception!

Easy to Operate

A simple payout schedule makes it easy to administer AND popular with employees!

Lowers Job Costs

Getting fringe off payroll means lower operating costs and increased competitiveness!

Let us Show You How we Can Help

If you're a contractor working in prevailing wage, you need to get your fringe off of your payroll - and a vacation and holiday plan can help. Let our consulants show you how we can help your business!

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Your Service Partner Committed To Your Employee Benefits!

Selling Vacation / Holiday plans is just the beginning of how we help our clients use employee benefits to be more successful! By helping to implement the plans we sell, we ensure that our clients get the most benefit for their money. Why? Because a great customer experience is what we're all about! Or, it could just be that we're nice.

Accounting Integration

We will help integrate Vacation/Holiday plans into existing accounting systems, so that you can get the proper credit.

Payroll Support

We'll work with your internal or outsourced payroll to insure your payroll is set-up and crediting correctly.

Compliance Oversight

We can review your certified payroll reports to make sure that your Vacation/Holiday plans are being accurately reported.

We're Here For You

A Vacation / Holiday plan can be integral to your successful prevailing wage fringe benefit strategy. Contact us and let us show you how. Taking a vacation never felt so good!

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Vacation / Holiday Plans are only the beginning of how we help Prevailing Wage and SCA Contractors save money and be more competitive. We offer health insurance benefit options, supplemental unemployment benefits, pension & retirement plans - all designed to get your fringe money off payroll. And, of course, we also offer our consulting services that help contractors stay in compliance and keep out of trouble. We want to help you pick the best prevailing wage strategy for your company. Your future will be glad you did!

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We're Here for Your Business

There are many ways we can help your business succeed - let us show you how. You'll be glad you did!

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