Contractors Prevailing Wage offers twice-monthly training sessions that cover a wide variety of prevailing wage topics including wage decision, compliance, certified payroll reporting, and apprenticeship requirements.

Upcoming Training Dates

CPW’s prevailing wage training sessions rotate through important topics and are led by our knowledgeable team in a webinar format. Registering promptly is important due to limited space. The upcoming dates and training topics are:

September 23 – Apprentice

October 7 – Wage Determination

October 21 – Best Practices

*Please note: Training dates are subject to change

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More about the Prevailing Wage Training Courses from CPW

The consultants at CPW want to share our unmatched prevailing wage knowledge with your business and help you implement best practices, stay in compliance, and most importantly, save you money! Learn more about what each training covers through the following detailed descriptions.

Wage Decision:

This training session covers the various rules and regulations associated with determining the appropriate wage decision to utilize on a prevailing wage project. We identify the responsibility of the awarding bodies, contractors and subcontractors and address common areas of oversight by many operating in the industry. The goal of this training is to educate the participant, so that  they have the  knowledge to advise awarding bodies and general contractors, as well as comply with the highest level of California state and Federal Davis Bacon prevailing wage regulations. In our opinion, the wage decision session is the most important training our company offers and the most misunderstood area of prevailing wage compliance.


This training discusses in detail the California apprenticeship requirements and the necessary document filings needed to maintain compliance. It is the goal of this training session to educate the participant not only as to their responsibilities, but as to their rights regarding mandated California Apprenticeship Training and to comply with California’s strict Apprenticeship regulations. We review the requirements for Division of Apprenticeship mandated filings, the consequences for non-compliance, which can be severe and the most recent legislation presenting difficulties for merit shop contractors operating on large prevailing wage projects after 2016.

Best Practices for Labor Compliance:

This training reviews the prevailing wage regulations and necessary documents and filings that are required to maintain compliance while on a prevailing wage project. It is the goal of this training to educate the participant how to maintain a systematic documentation and procedure process to assure preparation for an eventual audit. We address the new contractor registration requirements, the new eCPR DIR system and Pre-emptive Audit Defense Strategies and Record Keeping Best Practices.

Certified Payroll Reporting Procedures:

This training reviews how to accurately document your payroll information to comply with California & Federal Davis-Bacon regulations. This is a hands-on training that breaks down a certified payroll report through every field required. It addresses the difference between California State and Federal Davis-Bacon requirements. We again address the new California required eCPR system and its difficulties if the contractor cannot upload through an xml file, but must enter the data manually.

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