Keeping Your Subcontractors in Compliance, Helping Your Projects Run More Smoothly

For general contractors working on a large prevailing wage project, it can be enough to keep your own company in compliance. But of course, the general contractor also has responsibility (and liability!) for their subcontractors. Which is why companies turn to the labor compliance consultants at Contractors Prevailing Wage. Whether it's training staff or auditing subcontractors, companies turn to us to help them insure that their prevailing wage projects run smoothly. We can help you, too.

Educating People

Prevailing wage best practices that prevent problems and improve outcomes!

Managing Labor Compliance

Ensuring you (and your Subcontractors) are in compliance, so you don't have to.

Delivering Success

Helping general contractors catch problems before an auditor does!

What Our Clients Say About Us

"EmpireWorks entered into its first prevailing wage, Davis-Bacon, contract in late 2013. By the beginning of 2014, it became apparent that EmpireWorks did not have the in-house knowledge to handle the nuances of the contract. With the help of CPW, EmpireWorks was able to provide the appropriate documentation in the time required, recovering over $300,000 of withheld retention on the project in a timely manner, as well as ensuring our status on the job as a reliable subcontractor who could maneuver through the complex prevailing wage compliance issues."
-Nancy Meloni, EmpireWorks Reconstruction and Painting

Let us Show You How Our Consultants Can Help

Empowering companies by making prevailing wage and labor compliance easier. Supporting contractors so that they can deliver projects successfully. We're committed to helping contractors be more successful! Let us show you how.

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General Contractor Labor Compliance & Consulting

Working on a large-scale prevailing wage project can be daunting enough, but having to maintain labor compliance for all of your Subcontractors can be a job of its own. Our consultants are here to help you make your prevailing wage project a success. How can we help?
Labor Compliance Training
Whether it's a workshop format or on-site, hands-on guidance, our consultants teach the performance requirements / responsibilities of a General Contractor working on a Prevailing Wage or Davis-Bacon project. More importantly, we can provide your company with the functional knowledge necessary to ensure prevailing wage compliance, including all forms, filings and requirements.
  • Overview of the laws governing State & Federal Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage projects
  • What it means to be in compliance
  • How to complete Certified Payroll Reporting Forms
  • Pre-emptive audit defense strategies
Subcontractor Compliance Process
We teach labor compliance-related strategies to subcontractors, including all certified payroll forms and filings, so that they understand the General Contractor’s compliance overview responsibilities for the project.
  • Review of all necessary compliance-related documents
  • Developing Labor Compliance Processes
  • Assistance with Classification of Workers
  • Implementing Subcontractor compliance processes
Prevailing Wage Determination & Confirmation
Whether its training staff how to determine correct prevailing wage determinations, or assisting in determining them for you, we can offer hands-on learning that teaches practical, wage determination methodologies for both state prevailing wage and federal Davis-Bacon projects.
  • Determining the correct wage decision
  • Identifying relevant predetermined increases and important notices
  • Examining Scope of Work for Travel & Subsistence Provisions, Shift Differential, and other special circumstances
Compliance Monitoring
The only way to ensure labor compliance by all subcontractors on the project is to monitor them. Our consultants can do that.
  • Verifying Certified Payroll Reports
  • Conducting on-site job interviews
  • Ensuring compliance with Apprenticeship regulations and minimum ratios
  • Verifying wages paid and classifications utilized

We Help Prevailing Wage Projects Succeed

Our Labor Compliance and Consulting services exist to make projects run more smoothly. Let us show you how!
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Project labor compliance is only the beginning of how we help Prevailing Wage Contractors. We offer a range of consulting services that are designed to help General Contractors to stay in compliance AND keep out of trouble. And, of course, we also offer a range of specialized employee benefit offerings - health insurance, supplemental unemployment benefits, pension & retirement plans - that take fringe off payroll and help lower job costs. Regardless of how you choose to engage with us, our consulting services help you be more successful in prevailing wage. Let us show you how!

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Project Labor Compliance is just one of the ways we can help your business. Let us show you all the ways we are uniquely capable of making your business more successful.
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