Our Consultants Can Help You Defend Yourself in an Audit!

It's a fact of life if you're working in prevailing wage - no matter how tight a ship you run, you're going to get audited. Whether you're facing a federal audit (DOL, IRS) or a State investigation (DLSE, other state agencies), having a knowledgeable compliance resource on your side can mean the difference between a huge fine and minor payment. That's why contractors and attorneys engage our DLSE & DOL audit defense consultants to help prepare for, and participate in DOL and DLSE audit defense strategies. We have been committed to helping companies of all sizes with managing prevailing wage risk and labor compliance - and helping them in the face of an audit is just one of the ways we can do that.
DOL and DLSE audit consulting

Validate Your Defense

When the DOL or DLSE audit is without merit, an effective compliance validation strategy can yield big results!

Prepare Your Team

The best defense is a good offense! Our consultants can get your team up to speed on the labor rules and compliance regulations in question!

Improve Your Outcome

Audits are a hassle, but if you're playing by the rules, they don't have to be painful! We can help make sure your audit outcome as as pain-free as possible!

What Our Clients Say About Us

"During the last five years, we have been through three DLSE audits and, with Contractor's Prevailing Wage's ongoing consulting service and guidance, we have been found to have no violations. None! We would highly recommend that you have them on your team to do Prevailing Wage work in today's climate."
-John Bennett, Land Mark Electric

Let us Show You How Our Consultants Can Help

If you're facing an audit, our DLSE and DOL audit defense services can help you get a better outcome. Let us show you how we can help your business!
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Audit Defense Support for Davis-Bacon & Prevailing Wage Contractors

A successful outcome to your audit begins with assembling the right team. That's why we're here. With our audit defense consulting services, we can help support (or guide!) your team through its audit defense strategy. We have helped numerous Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage contractors substantially reduce (and even eliminate) judgements in the past - we can help you, too!
Document Review & Audit Prep
Have you been notified of an impending DLSE or DOL audit? Need help organizing and preparing your documents for review? We work closely with both attorneys and clients to help ensure a smooth audit and better outcome for you. CPWIS is here for you!
  • Audit Document Review & Organization
  • Audit Representation
Audit Defense Strategy
We all know audits can be scary. Having the right team to help navigate the murky waters can be essential to a positive outcome. CPWIS works closely with clients, attorneys and auditors to develop the most effective audit defense strategies.
  • Documentation and Findings Assessments
  • Defense Strategy Development

Let Us Show You How We Can Help!

If you're facing a DLSE or DOL audit, our consultants can help. Whether you have one question, or one thousand, we are here for one reason - to help your company succeed in prevailing wage!

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Our job is helping you get a better bottom-line. Let us show you how we can help you achieve that!

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