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Certified Payroll Reporting is such a fact of life with prevailing wage contracting, you'd think it would be easier to manage. That's why we offer consulting, training and support for payroll processing (in general) and certified payroll reporting (in particular). Whether you need your staff trained to insure that they're filing correctly, or you want an outsourced consultant that manages your payroll filings entirely, our consultants are here to help. Since our founding, we have been committed to helping companies of all sizes develop and implement prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon best practices designed to reduce the risks associated with complex, public works project requirements. And Certified Payroll Reporting and Consulting is part of that.

Stay in Compliance

Labor compliance consulting, training and payroll support services that keep your company in compliance.

Improve Your Efficiency

Use your staff to help grow your business, instead of trying to stay current with payroll filing requirements.

Be More Profitable

Our certified payroll consulting services are about your bottom-line - keeping your contracting business more compliant, protecting you from an adverse audit!

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Contractors Prevailing Wage are experts in the field of Davis-Bacon and can answer any questions you may have regarding the ins and outs of certified payroll reporting and labor compliance."
-Kimberley L. Clark, Clark Steel Fabricators Inc.

Let us Show You How Our Consultants Can Help

Whether you're new to prevailing wage contracting, or you've been doing public works for years, our Prevailing Wage, Davis-Bacon and labor compliance and consulting services can help you succeed in the lucrative world of prevailing wage contracting. Let our consultants show you how we can help your business!
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Certified Payroll Consulting for Davis-Bacon & Prevailing Wage Contractors

Maybe you need some training to insure your staff is up to speed on payroll filing and reporting requirements? Maybe you want help implementing record-keeping and filing best practices as part of a proactive audit defense strategy? Maybe you just want to outsource all of your Certified Payroll Reporting and be done with worrying about it? Whatever it is, if it's certified payroll related, our consultants are here to help. Why? Because our clients' success is our best practice.
Certified Payroll Training
Contractors of all sizes regularly turn to us for training with their certified payroll filings for a reason - the rules and regulations are complex and confusing. Our Certified Payroll training programs go beyond just the basics of payroll filing requirements, teaching everything from record keeping standards to audit defense strategies to keep you in compliance. And, of course, we do this while also managing costs. Why? Because your success depends upon it!
  • California A-1-131
  • Federal WH-347
  • Statement of Non-Performance
  • Statement of Compliance
Outsourced Certified Payroll Support
Rather than adding this burden to their existing staff, many prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon contractors choose to outsource their certified payroll filings... and you can, too! Our payroll consultants can keep you in compliance while improving your efficiency. Let us show you how!
  • Prepare your Certified Payroll Filings using your existing payroll system information
  • Work with our industry partners who can assist with your payroll and filings

Let Us Show You How We Can Help!

Staying in compliance is critical to the success of your contracting business - and certified payroll reporting is an integral part of that process. Whether you have one question, or one thousand, our consultants are here for one reason - to help your company succeed in prevailing wage!
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Certified Payroll Reporting is only the beginning of how our consultants can help. We offer a range of consulting services that are designed to help Contractors to stay in compliance AND keep out of trouble. And, of course, we also offer a range of specialized prevailing wage employee benefit offerings - health insurance, supplemental unemployment benefits, pension & retirement plans - that take fringe off payroll and help lower job costs. Regardless of how you choose to engage with us, we are here to help you be more successful in prevailing wage. Let us show you how! Contact us (or have us contact you!) Let us show you how an employee benefits strategy can help you achieve your business goals!

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