Since 2003, Contractors Prevailing Wage has offered Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage compliance and training services to contractors nationwide. We help our clients design and implement prevailing wage employee benefits strategies that lower job costs and make their companies more competitive. We educate our clients on rules and regulations so that they can more easily thrive in the complex and oft-confusing world of prevailing wage construction. We deliver labor compliance and prevailing wage consulting services so that our clients can focus on doing what they do best - completing their projects!
  • Employee Benefits Strategies that make prevailing wage companies more competitive
  • Prevailing Wage Consulting & Labor Compliance Services that keep companies out of trouble
  • Davis-Bacon, Little Davis-Bacon & Prevailing Wage training that make the industry stronger
We are committed to serving the prevailing wage community. We are focused on helping our clients. We are committed to fulfilling our mission - helping make prevailing wage contractors more successful.

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Find the Right Partner to be Successful in the Public Works Industry Webinar