As a contractor working in prevailing wage construction, you don’t need us to tell you how complicated wage decisions can be. Determining whether Davis-Bacon wage rates or State prevailing wage determinations should govern which wage decision to utilize seems simple compared to California’s complex asterisk and double-asterisk decisions. As you well know, there are myriad rules and regulations related to prevailing wage, and they are frequently unclear.

With us, employee benefits are just the beginning

Yes, CPWIS will help you to take the fringe off of your payroll and put that money into meaningful, and cost-saving, prevailing wage benefits. But every contractor knows you can’t pay your employee benefits accurately if you don’t know what wages to pay! While it should be the least complicated aspect of prevailing wage contracting, wage decisions, in fact, are one of the most misunderstood!

CPWIS – your trusted resource for prevailing wage

We work closely with prevailing wage contractors like you to educate them regarding the types of prevailing wage jobs (California Prevailing Wage or Davis-Bacon, for example) and their benefits reporting requirements.  But that is just the beginning of how we can help your business. We will also work closely with you so that you can gain a better and deeper understanding of the rules and opinions that govern payroll decisions for the work you are doing. Further, by helping to insure that you make accurate payroll, pension and benefits contributions, we help keep you from over-paying your employees. Not to mention, by installing systems that reduce errors, we help prevent future fines as a result of underpayment.

CPWIS guides you through wage decisions

As a client of CPWIS, we will help educate your staff to be able to accurately determine the following:

• Prevailing Wage Controls

Whether Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates or a State prevailing wage determination (or a combination of both!) governs your prevailing wage job

• Prevailing Wage pre-determined increases

From determining employer obligations for allocating pre-determined wage increases when the allocation hasn’t been published to interpreting California prevailing wage rate single and double-asterisk decisions

• Prevailing Wage line-item compliance

Understanding the difference between line item compliance and California’s two-tiered method of allocating credit for Prevailing Wage bona fide fringe benefit plans.

CPWIS – we’re here to help you with prevailing wage

What is your company’s policy for determining which prevailing wage decision to use? At CPWIS, our team is dedicated to insuring that the decisions your company make are the right ones! From cost-saving employee benefits strategies that directly reduce your jobs costs to wage decision guidance that keeps you in compliance, CPWIS is here to help you.

So why don't you contact us (or have us contact you!) and let us share with you the range of ways that we can help your business to thrive.

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