Are you operating a “bona fide” apprenticeship program registered with the: U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration; Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training; or, a State Apprenticeship Agency recognized by the Federal bureau? If so, then you’ll really appreciate how CPWIS can help you!

CPWIS is more than employee benefits

Guiding our clients’ cost-saving strategy of taking the fringe off of payroll and putting that money into bona-fide, prevailing wage benefits is just one of the valuable services we offer our clients. As an experienced resource in both Davis-Bacon and State prevailing wage (California and all the other Little Davis-Bacon’s), CPWIS is well versed in the complexities of union apprenticeships and training programs.

CPWIS offers time and money saving guidance

CPWIS’ prevailing wage contractor clients regularly turn to us for time-saving guidance and opinions, helping them to navigate, understand and comply with prevailing wage apprentice and training requirements. Specifically, CPWIS helps guide clients by:

Educating prevailing wage contractors

We will be an invaluable resource for you regarding Davis-Bacon and the State prevailing wage rules, including education about governing entities and strict filing requirements that govern the approved prevailing wage apprenticeship programs.

Computing accurate fringe amounts

We can assist your accounting and finance teams in correctly identifying accurate rates to pay for your apprentices and trainees

• Determining governing obligations for apprenticeship programs

We do identify which apprentice and training rules apply for your job based upon the type of work being done

CPWIS is here to guide you through the California state prevailing wage apprenticeship requirements

At CPWIS, we can help you lower your job costs and boost your company’s competitiveness through meaningful prevailing wage benefits. We can also offer you the benefit of our years of experience helping prevailing wage contractors like you to understand apprentice and training requirements. However you choose to rely on us, we are here to help your company.

So why don’t you contact us (or have us contact you!) and let us show you how we can help you stay in compliance and make you more competitive!

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