Since 2003, Contractors Prevailing Wage has offered Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage compliance and training services to contractors nationwide. We help our clients design and implement prevailing wage employee benefits strategies that lower job costs and make their companies more competitive. We educate our clients on rules & regulations so that they can more easily thrive in the complex and oft-confusing world of prevailing wage construction. We deliver labor compliance and prevailing wage consulting services so that our clients can focus on doing what they do best - completing their projects!
  • Employee Benefits Strategies that make prevailing wage companies more competitive
  • Prevailing Wage Consulting & Labor Compliance Services that keep companies out of trouble
  • Davis-Bacon, Little Davis-Bacon & Prevailing Wage training that make the industry stronger
We are committed to serving the prevailing wage community. We are focused on helping our clients. We are committed to fulfilling our mission - helping make prevailing wage contractors more successful.
John Sedberry
John SedberryPresident & Co-Founder
With over 50 years in the employee benefits and insurance business, John sets the vision and drives the sales for the company. John is driven by a desire to help people (in general) and contractors (in particular) be more successful. A cowboy at heart, John spends his time away from the office at his East San Diego ranch with his wife, 4 horses, 2 dogs and 3 cats. John has served as President of the Health & Life Underwriters Association of Eugene, Oregon and continues to serve in the San Diego chapter.

Our Prevailing Wage Team

Brittni Banks
Brittni BanksDirector, Compliance & Plan Design
Brittni brings over 10 years’ experience in prevailing wage compliance & benefits. She designs and implements pension plans, runs compliance training and leads our consulting practice. Brittni is a member of the National Association of Women in Construction and has served as vice-president. Outside the office, Brittni enjoys spending time with her husband and playing with her son.
Cari Honey
Cari HoneyBenefits and Compliance Specialist
Cari brings years of customer service experience to her role as Medical Benefits Administrator. Whether discussing your upcoming renewal or processing your requests, she is the glue that holds our operation together and keeps it running smoothly. In her free time Cari enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and her dog, Daisy Mae.
Kimberley Tobin
Kimberley TobinCo-Founder, Prevailing Wage Advisor
Well-known for her knowledge of California Prevailing Wage & Davis-Bacon rules and regulations, Kimberley co-founded CPW with John and continues to provide consulting and advisory services to the company. When not citing labor codes, you can find Kimberley in a yoga class.

Our Consultants and Advisors

Vickie CottleAccounting & Finance
A co-owner of the business with John, Vickie is responsible for cash and financial management of the company. She also runs all HR-related issues. An Emmy-Award winning musician, Vickie is also the founder of Discovering Equus, an equine facilitated learning program in East San Diego.
Christa SchottCompliance Consultant
With over 14 years enforcing State and Federal prevailing wage law, Christa's seen everything, including hospital, airport, road, school, housing and commercial construction. In her personal life, Christa plays ice hockey and is an avid pilot. She lives in downtown San Diego with her husband Michael.